Many of our Backgammon players are currently locked in their home, to comply with the new precautionary measures to combat the spread of the Coronavirus. All the live tournaments have been cancelled: many hotels and casinos are closed and it is very difficult for anyone to move from one country to another.
We wait for the moment when we can see each other again, in person.
In the meantime, our legendary WBF director Arda Findikoglu has launched a new approach to playing on-line: an almost live tournament.
These events will be based on the Backgammon platforms Backgammon Heroes and Galaxy, Arda interacts with players with WhatsApp messages, as if in a live tournament.
Coming after the different editions of Stay Home and the Summer BG is Big, the new period of lockdown offers new on-line projects, organised by WBF Online Entertainment, MindSkillz LLC & Arda Findikoglu: Autumn Legends Invitational | Autumn Elites Online Open | BG Chronicles Weekend Editions.
For both Legends & Elites events, 2 separate editions are planned during November. Legends Invitational editions starting on 6th and 22nd & Elites Open editions on 7th and 23rd. It is possible to participate in both events at the same time. Formats are Double Knockout (2 Lives Swiss) with a relaxed schedule of 1 round per 48 hours in both of the platforms to play matches depending on a mutual agreement between the players.
At the same time, we will have our 2 separate editions of BG Chronicles Weekend Editions, scheduled for 14th-15th November & 28th-29th November weekends. The format will be again Double Knockout (2 Lives Swiss), with a Last Chance.
The programme is 4 rounds per day with fixed starting times in this event.Please take a few minutes to check the flyers on the links mentioned below. If you are interested in experiencing on-line BG fun, without leaving your home, together with others from around the world, we would be so glad to see you on board.

6th-21st November – Autumn Legends-3 in Heroes & Galaxy

7th-22nd November – Autumn Elites-3 in Heroes & Galaxy

14th-15th November – BG Chronicles Weeked Editions-3 in Heroes & Galaxy

22nd November – 7th December – Autumn Legends-4 in Heroes & Galaxy

23rd November – 8th December – Autumn Elites-4 in Heroes & Galaxy

28th-29th November – BG Chronicles Weeked Editions-4 in Heroes & Galaxy

May you stay safe and well,

Marco Fornasir – WBF General Secretary


WBF organizes private tournaments on high profile structures on request.
These tournaments are organized at the request of gentlemen who do not like to participate in public tournaments and are invitational tournaments.
Those who wish to participate and believe they have the right profile for this type of event can request information via email at info@wbf.net.