33rd Italian Backgammon Championship

30th November / 4th December, 2022

Casino Seefeld | Seefeld – Austria


The XXIII AUSTRIAN BACKGAMMON OPEN is scheduled at the Casino Seefeld (Austria) from 30th November to 4th December 2022 (main tournament on 2nd, 3rd and 4th December, 2022).
After two years of suspension due to restrictive health measures, the international Backgammon returns to Seefeld and changes date: from this year onwards we will meet on the first weekend of December. The atmosphere in Seefeld in December is magical: the Christmas market and all the Christmas decorations will make us live unforgettable days.

For the players it will be five very intense days, with ten different tournaments available to the players.

This tournament is valid for the titles of Italian Master and Intermediate Champion and has been enriched with the WBF CAPSULE BACKGAMMON TOURNAMENT© Coppa Tavola Realetournament, reserved for members of the aristocracy. Do not miss the welcome cocktail with Tyrolean dinner which is our way of thanking the players who attended.

Another feature of the Championship is The best play the best divided into two categories: Master and Intermediate. This tournament is free, participation is reserved for players who have won the Italian Championship and/or the Austrian Open and are in possession of the WBF Golden Card 2022. The winners will have the right to participate for free, in their own category.

Hope you can join us for this exciting event in Austria!

Don’t miss this great event!

Don’t forget that pre-registered players (by email or What’sApp) will have a free entry into the One Point Match tournament.



On April 5, 2022, the founder and president of WBF Worldwide Backgammon Federation left for his final journey. At the behest of the family, the news initially remained confidential.
Alberto was a very unique type. Born in 1929, he trained as an engineer. He did not fall in love with Backgammon until later in his life, but he immediately made himself known for his personality. He began attending the circuit of international Backgammon tournaments, together with the world champion Gigi Villa, with whom he organized several tournaments – in particular Sanremo. He was always accompanied on his travels by his wife Maria, who was also passionate about the game.
In the meantime Alberto held the role of referee of the Monte-Carlo World Championship final for many years and created, together with Gigi Villa and James Ballié, the B.E.A. (European Backgammon Association). As a player he won a Summer edition of the St. Moritz Backgammon tournament.
In 1986 he had an intuition: the world of Backgammon lacked a real Federation, capable of spreading this game among new players, standardizing the game and tournament rules and supervising and coordinating tournaments with the utmost transparency and fairness. But his greatest intuition was to define Backgammon “the Sport of Mind”, detaching it from that reputation of a game often associated with gambling.
Alberto and I met in 1986 and he immediately invited me to collaborate with him for the new-born WBF. Alberto was my mentor: together we have organized and directed many events and it is impossible to list them all. Thanks to my activity as a journalist, together with Alberto we have also created several Backgammon columns, in particular for Giochi Magazine (1987 and 1988) and for Capital (1992 / 1995). After 36 years, WBF is still alive and well and, during its existence, has organized and promoted some of the most important tournaments in the world, including the Backgammon Olympics, the European Championship, the Italian Championship, the Mitteleuropa Championship and the prestigious Merit Open tournaments in Northern Cyprus, Croatia and Montenegro.
Over time Alberto da Pra had carved out the role of “noble father of Backgammon” and when he participated in international tournaments he was always designated as president of the Tournament Committee.
His last participation in an international tournament dates back to September 2011, when he participated with his wife Maria at the 20th Mitteleuropa Backgammon Championship in Baden bei Wien, just outside Wien.
Following tournament he participated less, reserving his energy for tournaments near to Milan, the city where he has always lived.
In recent years he was struggling to leave the house and did not like to see his Backgammon friends, he probably felt aged and wanted to leave his friends with the memory of when he was still full of energy.
His activity in the world of Backgammon will not be lost and to honor his memory the European Championship will be named after him, thus becoming the European Championship – Memorial Alberto da Pra.

Marco Fornasir – WBF General Secretary


WBF organizes private tournaments on high profile structures on request.
These tournaments are organized at the request of gentlemen who do not like to participate in public tournaments and are invitational tournaments.
Those who wish to participate and believe they have the right profile for this type of event can request information via email at info@wbf.net.