A few more days and a double Backgammon event will begin in the Georgian land. We start this week with the 1st INTERNATIONAL BACKGAMMON TOURNAMENT FOR JOURNALISTS, a particular event that will enable around forty journalists to know Georgia and to play Backgammon. The journalists come from Finland, Germany, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, UK and USA joined by local journalists. This event is organized by the WBF and the Georgian Backgammon Club in cooperation with the Georgian National Tourism Administration and sponsored by europe-bet.com and Tskaltubo Plaza Hotel. After arriving in Tbilisi, the operational base will be in the Tskaltubo spa resort (near Kutaisi, the second largest city of Georgia) and from there are planned numerous visits and excursions to discover the beauty of Georgia. The backgammon tournament, free of charge, will be played at Tskaltubo Plaza and the winners will share the  3,000 $ prize pool made available by europe-bet.com.
All details on www.wbf.net.

The second event in Georgia (also organized by WBF and Georgian Backgammon Club, main sponsor europe-bet.com) will be held later this month in Tbilisi, the capital, in the Tbilisi Courtyard Hotel (Marriott Group). Actually this event, that will be one of the most important tournaments in the world, is divided in two parts: on Wednesday 27 and Thursday, April 28 the Worldwide Team Challenge, a tournament for national teams with a guaranteed minimum prize money of $ 25,000. At the moment we recorded around twenty teams, that ranged the world’s best players. Before closing the newsletter we received the confirmation of Armenia (2 teams), Azerbaijan (2 teams), Denmark (1 team), Georgia (2 teams), Germany (2 teams), Japan (1 team), Iran (1 team), Russia (2 teams), Ukraine (1 team), UK (second team) and USA (1 team). They are still more registrations expected. Each team consists of five players and two reserves holders.
The individual Trophy Worldwide Georgia 2016 tournament will begin on Friday, April 29 at 14:00 and will have a guaranteed minimum prize money of  100,000 $. Nearly 200 participants are expected to attend, and it is estimated that at least 150 of these will take part in the individual Master tournament. Among them the most important names of the Backgammon Gotha. To complete the intensive Tbilisi program we will also play Doubles, Ladies Tournament and the Super-Jackpot.  And, of course, we will have the Backgammon Seminar by Mochi. The Last Chance and the Sunday finals will conclude this important event. A traditional Georgian Dinner Party will end this gorgeous international challenge.
The entire program is on www.wbf.net.


A double challenge between Romania and Italy featured Backgammon XXVIII European Championship, held in the Casino Velden (Austria) from 30 March to 3 April.
For the main title and the guaranteed prize-money of 5,000 euros, in the Masters category fought the Romanian Ciprian Radulescu , who won the main bracket, and the Italian Gerhard Stoll, current Italian Champion and winner of the Second Chance bracket. The final was really a challenge to the last roll: Stoll won the first game 17 to 12, always leading the match and forcing Radulescu to the second decisive 11 points match. The match was very balanced and the players arrived at the score of 10 to 10, a thriller. An unlucky race, with Radulescu who earned many pips on Stoll scored the last game. In any case Radulescu won the main draw and the final in the doubles match with Stoll, so he deserved to win.
In the Intermediate category we witnessed another challenge Italy – Romania , with the winner of the main bracket, the Italian Francesco Oliva in his first participation in a tournament of the WBF Golden Circuit, and Romanian Ioan Ciobanu. The match was also extremely balanced here, with players at love on 5 to 5 and then on 10 to 10. Francesco Oliva won the final match 11 to 10 and the European title.
11 teams took part in the Doubles European Championship and played intense games to win prize and title. In the final, the pair Ingo and Svetlana Mohr (Germany / Ukraine ) clashed the Turkish Arda Findikoglu and Tunç Hamarat. The pair (also in life) Ingo and Svetlana Mohr defeated 13 to 7 the dangerous Turkish opponents .
In the other tournaments we signal the victory of the German Peter Raugust in the Super-Jackpot, Roman Korber defeated Peter Blachian in the new The best play the best reserved for the European Champions, the double affirmation of the French Laurence SINITZKI-BILLARD in 869BG Trophy and in the Ladies Tournament. Warm-up and its weekend tribute for 2017 went to Ingo Mohr, Austrian Peter Urbantschitsch has instead defended the Austrian pride by winning the One Point Matches. The award ceremony took place during the gala dinner offered by the Casino  Velden to all the players.
Thanks to all participants and sponsors: the Casino Velden (since 15 years on the WBF side to provide an high level events), Veldener Tourismus and the City of Velden.
The official results are on www.wbf.net . Next European Championship will be 19th – 23rd April, 2017.