8th / 14th April, 2019

Hotel Splendid | Budva – Montenegro


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The world of Backgammon mourns the loss of a good craftsman, who has made thousands of Backgammon boards that are now used all over the world. Erhan Dogrusoz deceased in Istanbul on Thursday, December 6, after a long hospitalization. He had founded 869 BG in 2007 and managed to make himself known and appreciated for the quality of his production. He lived in Turkey, in Istanbul, where he also had his workshop, with his wife Özlem and his son Alp. Both collaborated with him and today, together with other staff members, the activity so well started by Erhan continues.
I met him personally in 2003 as a player, and later I appreciated the quality of his gaming tables: from 2013 869 BG became officially a partner of WBF for the supply of tournament boards given as prizes during the tournaments of Golden Circuit, the tournaments of the TBT TURKISH BACKGAMMON TOUR circuit by WBF Turkey and as a prize for the WBF Milan Championship.
In his honor, WBF decided to rename the 869 BG Trophy in 869 BG Erhan Trophy.