After the ISTANBUL OPEN 2018 (won by Lebanese Toby Tabet), the 3rd MERIT OPEN Montenegro Grand Prix (won by the German Götz Hildsberg), the 2018 Mediterranean Open in Antalya (won by the Turkish Sahin Timurcan), the 1st RHODES BACKGAMMON OPEN (won by the Greek Takis Chatzelis), and the XXX EUROPEAN BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIP (won by the Romanian Neculai Draganuta) the WBF Golden Circuit take a breath.

After the summer the circuit resumes in Seefeld from 10 to 14 October with the traditional XXI AUSTRIAN BACKGAMMON OPEN & AUSTRIAN DOUBLES CHAMPIONSHIP | valid for the 31st Italian Backgammon Championship and the big season ends in North Cyprus, where from the 29th of October to the 4th of November at the MERIT PARK the most important tournament in the world is scheduled: the 6th MERIT OPEN – INTERNATIONAL BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIP, with an added money-prize of € 40,000.

Informations on all WBF tournaments (including the TBT tournaments and others little events) are visible on wbf.net.

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Best regards,

Marco Fornasir
WBF General Secretary